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Dick Riseling has provided consulting services on farm design/operations and energy efficiency/renewable energy systems since 2003.








Farm Design/Operations Issues:

  • Layout and Fencing for livestock

  • Management of water for farm use 

  • Organic food production

  • Biodynamic, and permaculture practices 

  • Garden Design 

  • Soil Amendment

  • Equipment and tools       

  • Marketing                    

Dick Riseling- Catskills Chronicle.jpg
Apple Pond Farm wind turbine

Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Issues:

  • Energy Saving Lighting                Insulation        

  • Prices, incentives, tax credits     

  • HVAC 

  • Renewable energy systems including; solar electric, solar thermal, wind, hydro, air and ground source heat pumps, local installers, residential, small commercial 

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