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Tornado Press

We are grateful for the local and national press this disaster drew to our farm and our mission of connecting to the land and investing in sustainable, renewable energy

Meal Train Coverage

"One woman when she delivered her meal said that she wanted to help us but was not a carpenter or gardener. She asked herself ‘what can I do? ….I can cook!’ and she did."

Community Response

"help has poured in at the hard hit Apple Pond Farm, where the main barn and at least a half dozen smaller buildings were destroyed by the powerful twister."

ABC News Drone Footage

"The tornado took aim at Apple Pond Farm in Callicoon Center, destroying barns and property. It also sliced the roof of an auto body shop in Roscoe."
"A simple gesture in the past is reflected in a tidal wave of support today...
"To say that this outpouring has taken the edge off our loss is an enormous understatement."
“A whopper of a tornado hit here on April 22. Apple Pond Farm and Renewable Energy Education Center was hit by a tornado"
“It’s very difficult,” said Dick Riseling, co-owner of Apple Pond Farm.  “It’s a very profound sadness.”
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