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Our Programs

Tours, Classes and Workshops

Presently, we are welcoming visitors only for private tours or workshops.  Call or email us to inquire!


We offer activities that educate, inspire, and entertain. Whether you are looking for an introduction to a subject, a deeper immersion and some training, or something playful to do with your whole family, Apple Pond Farm offers many levels of engagement for learners of all ages.


We also offer special programming for camps, schools and other groups.  Contact us to learn more.

Program Offerings

Private Farm Tours

A close up look at several farm projects: the basics of organic gardening, raising chickens for eggs and meat, all about raising sheep and goats, how wool grows, is harvested and is turned into yarn,  how solar and wind power produce  about 85% of our electricity. Seasonal events too: making hay while the sun shines, preparing for winter, garden planning for spring.


Farm tours are available for private groups of up to 10 people by reservation only.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Farming with Kids, and Adults!
Kids and children at heart can join us on the farm and help with farm chores, enjoy the scenic land, and learn about sustainable practices that are easily transferrable to the smallest of homesteads.  Activities vary with the season.

Saturdays, 10 am - 11 am

Here is your chance to learn a new skill: spinning wool, raising chickens, making goat cheese, how to add renewable energy to your home.  Private workshops are offered upon request.  

7/3 Sunday, 11am - 1pm

  "A Lotta Ricotta" 

Introduction to the basics of cheese making; make ricotta and learn ways of serving it. $45 for young teens and adults. Reservations required. 

7/10 Sunday, 10am - 11:30am

 "Building a Partnership With Your Dog" 

Bring you dog. Steve Porter, dog trainer and Sonja Hedlund, sheep farmer


Reservations preferred.

Reviews from our visitors:

Dessie Andrews  Aug 2, 2015
An educational farming experiencethat you will never forget.
After 30 years I still use Dick's use of compost as a natural fertilizer and using plants as pest deterrents.
Maria Grimaldi   March 14, 2016
A visit to Apple Pond Farm "puts it all together." We saw the hard work and effort that the team at Apple Pond Farm puts into taking care of the area's beautiful natural resources. This is so much more than just a "petting zoo." I highly recommend a visit to Apple Pond Farm for the whole family.
Donna Willi  May 1, 2016
I had no idea how easy making our own fresh ricotta cheese could be and all the things we could use it for – not just lasagna anymore.
I now make my own ricotta cheese whenever I can and we love eating so healthy and fresh. Thank you Apple Pond Farm!
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